Flower Series

There was a really beautiful flower bouquet in my house that was given to my mum. It consisted of lilac roses, large daisies and other various white flowers, which I do not know the names of (I am no flower expert). As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to draw them. I usually draw the things that call out to me. These can be everyday objects, buildings or natural landscapes. I usually think “oh, that would make a great watercolour painting” or “that would look lovely as an ink and pen drawing”. That is how I pick my subject matter.

flower study 1 flower study 2

The drawing to the above left was made using marker pens that I recently purchased from Tiger. They were £2 for three pens in black, dark grey and light grey with a choice of a thin nib and a thick nib. They are cheaper than pro markers so my expectations were quite low but they actually worked really well and I would definitely recommend them. This drawing was a not looking at the paper drawing and I only focused on the flowers. This is one of my favourite drawing techniques as the lines are freer. I used black for the darkest parts of the purple roses and light grey for the white flowers. I find the use of more than one colour gives depth as only using black would have been too visually flat.

The drawing to the above right was made using Windsor and Newton ink and a dip pen. I looked at the paper this time as I wanted it to be really detailed. I experimented with various mark making and thickness of lines.

flower study 3     flower study 4

The drawing to the above left is in graphite stick on primed paper. Primed paper is a great to draw on as it gives extra texture and is less flat. The best way to prime paper is with emulsion paint. This was a quick drawing and I wanted the lines to be immediate and energised.

The drawing to the above right is one in black chalk pastel. This one is also on primed paper with masking tape stuck on various places on the page. The masking tape adds even more texture. Again, this was a quick drawing with busy lines. It is similar to the one below. I used grey primer to experiment with colour as I mostly work on white paper.

flower study 5Multiple drawings or a series is a great way to really understand and observe the object/place you are drawing. Like life drawing the change of position and materials used can really create interesting pieces that you never thought you could create by just drawing one image.


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