Watts chapel mono print collages

After doing a series of mono prints from photographs I had taken of the Watts chapel and gallery, I decided I wanted to develop them more by photocopying and collaging them. I experimented with different papers and textures.

monoprints collage 2

The image above is of the Watts gallery building. I used paper that I had textured using black printing ink. I added lines and dark areas to try and contrast it with the white paper.

monoprints collage 6monoprints collage 3

The images above are tiles from the exterior of the chapel. I cut out areas of the image and layered paper behind it. I wanted to play around with colour.

monoprints collage 4monoprints collage 1

The image to the left above is of the chapel door, collaged with textured black paper. To the right is the outside of the chapel. Again, I layered the paper behind to add colour.

monoprints collage 5 monoprints collage 7

These two images above use the same layered paper technique. When I collaged the iron gate image, I wanted to keep the detail of the coils and swirls so I didn’t cut away too much of the image.

monoprints collage 8

For this last image, I played around with colour as I haven’t been using loads of colour in my work. I wanted to use yellow lines to make it really stand out.


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